I’ve been churning out words for newspapers, magazines, publishers and websites about all sorts, for years. Here’s a small selection, if you need more shout

Prepare for a link storm…

Two so far, published by Random House. One, very surprisingly, about horse meat.


Parenting, lifestyle and sport
I’ve written about relationships, modern man and how annoying my kids are for, among others, Grazia, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Shortlist, Fatherly.com, MotherandBaby.co.uk, Parentdish.co.uk (now sadly departed), Brides, Glamour and Cosmopolitan.

I whip my family into shape for The Telegraph (it didn’t last)
Don’t we all love a socktopus? For Huffpost
I take a look at men’s WhatsApp groups for Grazia
And recount the decluttering vs chaos battle going on in my house for The Telegraph 
Here’s another Telegraph feature about my kids hating me
And one wondering if I should be more like Donald Trump
And here I am wondering what to do with my rubbish beard
Aren’t leisure centre changing rooms disgusting? For Shortlist
Dating as a short arse for The Guardian, which prompted someone to write an entire blog about what a dick I am
Keeping a marriage intact when you have twins for Fatherly.com
Here I am in Cosmopolitan claiming I’ll never get married (before getting married)
And in Glamour saying there’s no such thing as love at first sight
Here’s a feature about twins for Parentdish that got a lot of shares
Are you turning into your dad? a quiz for Mother and Baby
Here’s an interview with the lovely Gabby Logan about horses

My first job in journalism was with Housebuilder magazine which involved chasing John Prescott around (I was on foot, he had two Jags, which didn’t seem fair), since then I’ve contributed to the Bricks and Mortar section of The Times and loveproperty.com.

A Bricks And Mortar feature about a renovated Bath crescent
Another one about affordable London squares

One about Stirling in Scotland
And one more about a development in Dartford
A Housebuilder interview with Michael Gove